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Mobius Distilling Company is a small startup distilling company based in Sydney, Australia. It's founders, Philip and Alex, have been kicking around the bar and homebrew scenes for quite a while and decided it was time to do something special on a commercial scale. Mobius Distilling Co. is that something.

After laying low in Leichhardt while we developed our processes and perfected our recipes, we’ve just moved to larger premises in Marrickville where we can crank things up a notch and get some delicious liquor out to you, dear reader (assuming you’re over 18).

You can see photos of our new home and what we're up to on Facebook and Instagram, and you can use the form on our Contact page if you'd like to get in touch for a chat.

A thousand thanks to everyone who offered their encouragement and support - it really did help keep us going until now - and special thanks to our friends in the hospo world who gave us really useful feedback and a generous helping of their time.

...and now, we have rather a lot of equipment to (re)assemble, so...


Alex & Philip