Oh hi!

We’re from the Inner West of Sydney. If you’re from around our way and would like to stock our spirits in your bar, restaurant or bottleshop, you can use the Join Us button below to set up an account with us. We use Ordermentum to handle all our B2B ordering - it’s super convenient and gives you control of the whole ordering, delivery and payments process. It’s got a great invoicing system with easy direct debit and credit card payment options so neither of us have to spend so much time dealing with the money/paperwork side of things.

It’s even got a set-and-forget Standing Order feature if you know you’ll need a case or two of our 38 Special vodka every week and are happy to just say “Genie, make it so”. (You can tweak it whenever you like as well of course).

When you click the Join Us link below, you’ll be asked to fill in some details about yourself and we’ll use them to get in touch and sort you out with an account. Very easy.

Join Us!

Please note: at the moment, our liquor licence only allows us to sell to other businesses which also have a liquor licence. It’s not an ideal situation, and we’re working through a stack of paperwork that’ll let us deal with individuals directly.